2022 Schedule

January 29 - Cooper River - Cypress Gardens Results Photos

March 26 - Santee Cooper - Black's Camp Results Photos Total Points After Santee Cooper

April 16 - Lake Keowee - South Cove Results Photos Total Points After Keowee

May 15 - Lake Wylie - Buster Boyd Landing Results Photos Total Points After Wylie

May 28 - Lake Hartwell - Broyles Results Photos Total Points After Hartwell

June 18 - Lake Russell - Hwy 72 Results Photos Total Points After Russell

June 25 - Bucksport Marina Results Photos Total Points After Bucksport

**Cancelled**August 20 - Lake Murray - Billy Dreher**Cancelled**

September 17 - Lake Wateree - Clearwater Cove Results Total Points After Wateree

September 24 - Santee Cooper - John C. Land Results Total Points After Santee #2

October 15 - Lake Murray - Billy Dreher Results Final Points

Rules and Information

1. Membership fee is $25 per person which is good for calendar year.

2. Tournament entry fee is $110.

3. Safety: All State and Coast Guard requirements must be met by the contestant and their equipment operated in accordance with those laws. A kill switch (safety switch) must be installed and in working order on each boat. Each contestant must wear an approved PFD-3 (chest type) whenever the combustion engine is running. The kill switch must be operational and attached to driver when the combustion engine is running. All auxiliary gas tanks must be permanently mounted. All fueling during the tournament hours must be pumped from a marina located on the tournament waters. Infraction of these rules may result in penalties or disqualification of the violator.

4. Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship is expected of all contestants. Safety and courtesy are essential to a successful tournament. A participant may not discuss fishing with anyone, other than his teammate or another tournament participant, during tournament hours for a tournament gain or fishing advantage.

5. Tackle and Lures: Only artificial lures may be used. No live or prepared bait is allowed except commercial pork baits. Only casting, spinning, and spin casting tackle will be used. Only one rod per fisherman will be in water and fished at a time. Other rods may be pre-rigged and available for immediate use, no rods over 8 feet will be allowed. Fish must be caught in the accepted conventional manner. Anyone guilty of snatching or snagging visible fish will be disqualified. No Alabama rigs (or other dual bait rigs) may be used. Penalty will be disqualification of days catch.

6. Accessory Equipment: Underwater cameras/video equipment are not allowed, any other electronic equipment may be used. Two-way radios and communication equipment may only be used in case of an emergency and not for tournament gain or a fishing advantage.

7. Boating Equipment: Only boats and motors complying with state laws will be used. Boats powered by any outboard motor (minimum 60HP and maximum 250HP) may be used in South Carolina Bass Federation, Inc. Tournaments. No boat may be powered by an engine exceeding the Coast Guard approved rating plate. All boats must be a minimum of 16-ft in length as recorded on the registration. Only boats equipped with a steering wheel may be used. Trolling or long lining as a method of fishing is prohibited.

8. Boat Operation: Operating a boat in a negligent or unsafe manner or in violation of any State or Federal law may result in penalties or disqualification. Each boat will be provided a means of Tournament identification, which must be displayed upon request during Tournament hours.

9. Fishing Locations: First to arrive at a location “owns” that location and all water within fifty (50) yards of their boat in any direction for fishing if trolling motor is up and anchor out. Any off limits will be announced before fishing day starts. No locking into other bodies of water from tournament location.

10. Competition Fish: Only largemouth bass species and small mouth bass will be counted.Team can only weigh five (5) fish. All fish must meet the minimum size limit set for the lake by the tournament director measured on a flat board by the Tournament officials. Mashed or mangled bass will not be counted.

11. Lake Headquarters: Will be designated by the Tournament Director. Boats must leave and return by water to this location. A check-in point will be designated. Each team must check-in at the end of the Tournament Day. Failure to check in will result in immediate and final disqualification.

12. Culling Rule: When 6th fish is brought into boat, one must be culled to maintain a 5 fish limit before next cast or moving boat. If a team determines they have over the limit they must immediately reduce their catch to the tournament limit with a bass of their choice from their catch. Each returned bass will result in a 2 pound penalty to be deducted from their daily score. In this case, competitors must attempt to notify tournament officials and if unsuccessful must notify officials at check-in. Use of piercing cull tags will result in disqualification of days catch.

13. Catch and Release: All tournament boats must be equipped with an operational live well system capable of supporting a limit of fish under tournament conditions. Fish will be brought to check station in contestants own bags. A bag that holds water, keeping your fish alive is your responsibility. After weighing your fish your team is responsible for returning them to the tournament waters.

14. Tournament and Competition Hours: Will be announced by the Tournament Director. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES during the Tournament Hours! Tournament hours begin with registration and end after awards presentation. Two-day event tournament hours for first day will end when last contestant weighs their fish. Violation of this rule may result in penalties or disqualification.

15. Blast Offs: Number of boats, water restriction, and weather conditions will be considered in each tournament. Blast-off order will be in the order payment is received.

16. Weigh-Ins: Will be at Lake Headquarters. A weigh-in deadline will be announced. In case of a mechanical failure, rule #25 applies.

17. Penalties: Once fish are presented to the officials, the contestant does not have the right to cull his fish. Penalties will be incurred at that point. Fish will be measured and counted. Over 5 fish will mean disqualification. Each fish under the DNR size limit will be culled and incur a penalty of one (1) pound penalty. If your short fish is your only fish negative weight will be applied. A penalty of (4) ounces will be deducted for each dead fish. A one (1) pound per minute penalty will be assessed for each minute late for weigh in or for late check in for two day tournaments, up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes no fish will be weighed for the late contestant. A one (1) pound penalty will be assessed per occurrence for not observing no wake zones on ALL bridges (marked or unmarked).

18. Winners & Scoring: Winner and subsequent standings will be determined by the largest total pounds and ounces after any penalties. In case of ties, involving payback or points, in the top ten (10) positions during any tournament the following tiebreakers will apply: * 1. Angler with the single largest fish. * 2. Angler with largest number of live fish. * 3. Angler with largest number of fish. * 4. Flip of coin. * 5. Ties in points at the end of the Trail Tournament season will be broken by total pounds and ounces the team caught in their 3 highest point finishes.

19. Big Fish Pot: Based on the number of entries money will be paid for largest bass per day(may be more than one team). Each team may enter one (1) fish per day for big fish competition. A penalty of four (4) ounces will be deducted from weight if fish is dead.

20. Each Team: Must verify their fish weight on a form provided by the Tournament Director. All results are final after contestant leaves the weigh-in table.

21. Protest: Any violation or rumor of a violation will be investigated by the Tournament Committee.

22. Hazardous Weather: The Tournament Director will determine proper weather and go or postpone accordingly. If postponement of a trail tournament is determined, make up will be announced. Postponement of tournament may be decided at ramp on day of tournament.

23. Tournament Trail Points: 100 Point System per tournament. Points awarded according to finish. The team not catching a fish will receive 25 points lower than the last place team weighing in a fish.

24. Enforcement: The duly appointed Tournament Director will be the final authority for the interpretation and enforcement of these rules and any special circumstances.

25. Mechanical Failure: If boat becomes rendered useless, you may send or bring your fish to weigh-in with another team by water in a tournament boat. At that point the team of the useless boat competition is ended. Any change of boat must be approved by Tournament Director.

26. Championship Qualification: Highest points for 3 tournaments will be used to qualify for National Team Championship. Total weight for those 3 tournaments will be used as tiebreaker.