Lake Wateree Championship 2022 Pics

Gary Pope 1st Place Angler 22.92 lbs
Pat Westbrook 2nd Place Angler 22.54 lbs
Gregg Fogner 3rd Place Angler 20.82 lbs and Angler Big Fish of 5.50
Robin Rogers 4th Place Angler 20.28 lbs
Chuck Howard 5th Place Angler 20.18 lbs
Tim Garrison First Angler Out of Money 20.13 lbs Lews Rod and Reel Combo
Shane Mills 2nd Big Fish 5.15 Lews Rod and Reel Combo
Ethan Monk 1st Place Co-Angler 10.07 lbs
Lee Foster 2nd Place Co-Angler 9.70 lbs and Co-Angler Big Fish 4.86
James Crook 3rd Place Co-Angler 9.63 lbs
Bobby Johnson First Co-Angler Out Of Money 9.12 lbs Lews Rod and Reel Combo
Cedric Davis 2nd Co-Angler Big Fish 3.86 lbs Lews Rod and Reel Combo
Gary Pope with a couple of fish from his first day catch of 18.18 lbs
Gregg Fogner with Angler big fish 5.50 lbs
Lee Foster with Co-Angler big fish 4.86 lbs
Shane Mills 5.15 lbs