2017 Hartwell Pics

Hayes Hudson 1st Place Angler
Corey Lewis 2nd Place Angler and Big Fish
Gregg Fogner 3rd Place Angler
John Fravel 4th Place Angler
Danny Allen 5th Place Angler
Shayne McFarlin 6th Place Angler
Jesse Hopkins 1st Place Co-Angler
Reggie Grant 2nd Place Co-Angler
Brian Hughes 3rd Place Co-Angler
Reid McDowell 4th Place Co-Angler
Timothy Garrison 6th Place Co-Angler and Big Fish
Hayes Hudson with a few from his 1st place bag
Corey Lews with a few from his 2nd place big
Hayes Hudson 2016 Trail Points Angler Champion
Timothy Garrison 2016 Trail Points Co-Angler Champion