2021 Santee Cooper

Kipton Burba 1st Place Angler and Angler Big Fish
Casey Warren 2nd Place Angler
Gary Pope 3rd Place Angler
Greg Walker 4th Place Angler
Corey Casey 5th Place Angler
Kevin Alford 6th Place Angler
J. W. Smith 7th Place Angler
Matthew Moore 1st Place Co-Angler
James Calhoun 2nd Place Co-Angler
Jarrett Hurghes 3rd Place Co-Angler
Tyler Thames 4th Place Co-Angler
Joel Greene 5th Place Co-Angler
Robert Carter 6th Place Co-Angler and Co-Angler Big Fish
Kayak Division- Jason Broach 2nd Place, Terry Smith 1st Place and Skip Lohmeyer 3rd Place