2017 Santee Pics

Brian O'Connell 1st Place Angler
David Rush 2nd Place and Big Fish Angler
Rod Wrenn 3rdPlace Angler
Danny Allen 4th Place Angler
Bradley Gunter 5th Place Angler
Jason Turner 6th Place Angler
John Proctor 7th Place Angler
Kim Neal 8th Place Angler
Ed Owens 9th Place Angler
Benny Dorr 1st Place Co-Angler
Corey Singleton 2nd Place Co-Angler
Jesse Hopkins 3rd Place Co-Angler
Reid McDowell 4th Place Co-Angler
James Calhoun 5th Place and Big Fish Co-Angler
Landy Filaw 6th Place Co-Angler
Jim Campbell 7th Place Co-Angler