Winyah Bay 2022 Pics

Jad Willis 1st Place Angler 14.82 lbs
Chris Blanchette 2nd Place Angler 14.28 lbs
Gary Pope 3rd Place Angler 13.95 lbs
John Proctor 4th Place Angler 13.65 lbs and Angler Big Fish of 6.37
Charlie Holmes 5th Place Angler 13.65 lbs and Big Fish 6.37
Ron Terwilliger 6th Place Angler 11.21 lbs
William Scruggs 1st Place Co-Angler 7.52 lbs
Brian Hughes 2nd Place Co-Angler 7.34 lbs and Co-Angler Big Fish 6.36
Sidney Weaver 3rd Place Co-Angler 6.65 lbs
Ethan Monk 5th Place Co-Angler 5.73 lbs
State Team Anglers from The Trail Ryan West, Gary Pope, Chris Jones, Jad Willis and Reid McDowell
State Team Co-Anglers from The Trail Jeremy Willis, Brian Howard, Jarrett Hughes, Sidney Weaver and Ethan Monk