2018 Winyah Bay

Gregory Benton 1st Place Angler and Angler Big Fish
Johnny Duarte 2nd Place Angler
John Proctor 3rd Place Angler
Greg Walker 4th Place Angler
Mike Gerald 5th Place Angler
Timmy Squires 6th Place Angler
Brian Hughes 1st Place Co-Angler and Co-Angler Big Fish
Jarrett Hughes 2nd Place Co-Angler
Bill Batts 3rd Place Co-Angler
Brian Howard 4th Place Co-Angler
Joey McLean 5th Place Co-Angler
Corey Lewis 6th Place Co-Angler
Brian Hughes Big Fish
State Team Qualifiers From 2018 Trail Left to Right are Brent Long-Angler, Greg Walker-Angler, Hayes Hudson-Angler, Ken Lawhon-CoAngler, Landy Filyaw-CoAngler, Bryan Gunter-Angler, Brian Brown-CoAngler, Brian O'Connell-Angler Trail Champion, Jarrett Hughes-CoAngler Trail Champion and missing from pic Ron Rutledge-CoAngler