A Message from B.A.S.S. and

Randy Vaughn

S.C. B.A.S.S. Federation Youth Director

Youth Membership & Master Angler Program (MAP)

At BASS, we want to provide the tools to help make any young angler's education a complete experience. This is possible with the Youth Membership and Master Angler Program (MAP). The youth membership is an exclusive membership aimed at making the young angler a Master Angler, good enough to teach mom or dad a thing or two. It is designed to educate young anglers through self-paced home and internet-based training modules.

The Master Angler Program is aimed at the youngest of BASS members, but will benefit anglers at any age. The $15 membership includes a personalized certificate, decals and an instruction booklet that covers several skills. As the skills are completed, the member places the decals over the corresponding symbol on the certificate to track progress. Once the first three skills are completed, the member completes an included form and sends it to BASS officials, who then send out instruction for the next set of skills. A member earns a Master Angler decal once all of the skills are completed.

Many important skills are taught, including knot tying, casting, soft plastic baits, hard baits, topwater baits, bass behavior, landing bass, conservation and pattern fishing. Youth members will receive a BASS patch and decal, official membership card, two issues of Junior Bassmaster Magazine and are eligible for the Junior Lunker Club and prize drawings.

Please call 877-BASS-USA for more information.