Ardent Reel Offers For Members of South Carolina BASS Nation


25% Off Everything but Clearance and Apparel on Through December 31, 2017


Instructions for Registering on the Ardent Web Site


To qualify for South Carolina Bass Nation pricing on products ordered on the Ardent web site, the user must be registered on the site and their team status must be changed by the system administrator. Following are step by step instructions for the registration process.


1. From your internet browser, type in the address bar and press enter.


2. You may or may not see a site certification. If you do see this certification click accept.


3. You should be at the Ardent Reels home page at this point.


4. Click on the small icon that looks like a computer just right of the username box. This is the icon that has a + on it.


5. The registration page will appear. Complete the form by filling in the information in all the gray boxes. The boxes with an * are required and must be filled in to allow approval as a South Carolina Bass Nation shopper.


6. Click the box that says “I am not a Robot”


7. Complete the short quiz that appears to prove to the system that you are a valid user.


8. You will receive an email to verify the account. THIS EMAIL MAY END UP IN YOUR JUNK OR SPAM FOLDER. The mail should show a box at the top stating “Please use this link to activate your account”. Click on the box to finish the registration process.


9. After you have finished the registration process, create order and upon checking out under the coupon code enter DD252017.