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Gary Pope State Championship Winning Angler - Ethan Monk State Championship Winning CoAngler on Lake Wateree

Gary Pope had 22.92 lbs to win the Angler State Championship. Ethan Monk had 10.27 to win the Co-Angler State Championship. Gregg Fogner had the Angler big fish of 5.50 and Lee Foster had the Co-Angler big fish of 4.86. Pat Westbrook and Gregg Fogner will be Anglers on the state team. Lee Foster and James Crook will be Co-Anglers. Robin Rogers will be the Alternate.

Championship Day 1 Results

Championship Day 1 Big Fish

Championship Day 2 Results

Championship Day 2 Big Fish

Championship Final Results

Championship Final Big Fish

Championship Pics

2022 Winners Pics

State Meeting December 4 Will Be Held At Woodmen Of The World

We will have our State Meeting December 4 at Woodmen of the World. The address is 3620 Augusta Rd, West Columbia, SC 29170. Board of Directors will meet at 8 AM and the General Assembly at 2 PM. To be eligible for the Six Man, a club must have a club member present at this meeting.

We will also be collecting toys (unwrapped $10 value) from each club for the Toys for Tots drive.

Creekside Bassmasters #1 Wins Six Man On An Extremely Stingy Santee Cooper - Six More Added To State Team

Creekside Bassmasters #1 had 74.08 lbs to win the Six Man on Santeee Cooper. Carolina Hookers #1 was second with 72.28. To say the bite was slow is a major understatement.

Chuck Howard was the individual winner with 27.07 lbs. Daniel Jackson was second with 23.97 lbs. Ed Owens caught Friday's big fish of 5.72 and Daniel Jackson had Saturday's big fish of 8.16.

Chuck Howard, Daniel Jackson and Ken Ellis qualified as boaters for the State Team. Brent Riley, Ed Owens and Randy Gibson qualified as co-anglers.

Six-Man Day One Team

Six-Man Day One Individual

Six-Man Day One Big Fish

Six-Man Day Two Team

Six-Man Day Two Individual

Six-Man Day Two Big Fish

Six-Man Final Team Results

Six-Man Final Individual Results

Six-Man Final Individual By Club Results

Six Man Pics

2022 Winners Pics

Coastal Carolina Wins Bassmaster College National Championship on Winyah Bay

Congratulations to Andrew Vereen and Connor Cartmell on winning the Bassmaster College National Championship. Andrew is also a member of the Pee Dee Bassmasters.

Coastal Carolina Wins Bassmaster College Championship

Six Man Info

Six-Man Entries To Date

Below are the forms needed for the upcoming Six Man on Santee Cooper. All roster changes must be postmarked by August 15 to be used for the Six Man. All Six Man Entry forms must be postmarked by September 15 to fish the Six Man. The Six Man entry form must be accompanied by a check for $470 made payable to SC Bass Federation and proof of insurance of at least $100,000 for each boater. The proof of insurance must show insured's name, boat description, policy start and end dates and the amount of coverage.

2022 Six-Man Info Letter

Roster Update Form

2022 Six-Man Entry Form

Six-Man Change Form

Six-Man Rules

Reid McDowell Angler Trail Champion - Sidney Weaver Co-Angler Trail Champion

Congratulations to our trail champions Reid McDowell and Sidney Weaver. We have our first 10 members for the state team. Joining Reid on the Angler side will be Jad Willis, Chris Jones, Gary Pope and Ryan West. Joining Sidney on the Co-Angler side will be Ethan Monk, Jarrett Hughes, Brian Howard and Jeremy Willis. The other ten spots will be filled by taking six from the Six Man event and four from the Championship.

Jad Willis Winning Angler - William Scruggs Winning Co-Angler on Winyah Bay

Jad Willis had 14.82 lbs to take the Angler win on our fifth and final trail stop of 2022 on Winyah Bay. John Proctor had the Angler big fish of 6.37. William Scruggs had 7.52 lbs to take the Co-Angler side . Co-Angler big fish went to Brian Hughes with 6.36.

We want ot thank all that fished the trail this year. Our next stop will be our Six Man Tournament October 7 and 8 on Santee Cooper out of John C. Land. Hope to see you there.

Winyah Bay Results Winyah Bay Big Fish Winners Pics Winyah Bay Pics Final Points With Drop Final Points Without Drop

Jad Willis Winning Angler - Sidney Weaver Winning Co-Angler on Lake Wylie

Jad Willis had 18.71 lbs to take the Angler win on our fourth trail stop of 2022 on Lake Wylie and also had the Angler big fish of 4.87. Sidney Weaver had 8.14 lbs to take the Co-Angler side . Co-Angler big fish went to James Crook with 3.39.

Our next stop will be Winyah Bay out of Carroll Campbell Complex on June 11. Hope to see you there.

Wylie Results Wylie Big Fish Winners Pics Wylie Pics Points After Wylie With Drop Points After Wylie Without Drop

Matt Judy and Jonathan Lee Headed To BASS Nation Championship

Congratulations to Matt Judy and Jonathan Lee for their finish as the top Angler and Co-Angler for South Carolina in the BASS Nation Southeastern Divisional that was held on Lake Martin in Alabama. They will be fishing the BASS Nation Championship in November on Pickwick Lake.

Chris Jones Winning Angler - Jarrett Hughes Winning Co-Angler on Lake Keowee

Chris Jones had 15.63 lbs to take the Angler win on our third trail stop of 2022 on Lake Keowee. Jarrett Hughes had 7.80 lbs to take the Co-Angler side and also had the Co-Angler big fish of 4.44. Angler big fish went to Darryl Halbert with 4.90.

Our next stop will be Lake Wylie out of Buster Boyd on May 14. Hope to see you there.

Keowee Results Keowee Big Fish Winners Pics Keowee Pics Points After Keowee With Drop Points After Keowee Without Drop

Reid McDowell Winning Angler - Brian Howard Winning Co-Angler on Blustery Santee Cooper

Reid McDowell had 20.53 lbs to take the Angler win on our second trail stop of 2022 on Santee Cooper. Brian Howard had 13.46 lbs to take the Co-angler side. Angler big fish went to Chris Jones with 8.50 and co-angler big fish was Richard McConnell with 7.23.

Our next stop will be Lake Keowee out of South Cove on April 9. Hope to see you there.

Santee Cooper Results Santee Cooper Big Fish Winners Pics Santee Cooper Pics Points After Santee Cooper Without Drop

Daniel Jackson Winning Angler - Bobby Johnson Winning Co-Angler on Stingy Lake Hartwell

Daniel Jackson had 12.17 lbs to take the Angler win on our first trail stop of 2022 on Lake Hartwell. Bobby Johnson had 4.82 lbs to take the Co-angler side. Angler big fish went to Kipton Burba with 5.33 and co-angler big fish was Bobby Johnson with 2.24

Our next stop will be Santee Cooper out of Blacks on March 12. We need to get some more co-angler participation, as we only had 14 at Hartwell. Hope to see you at Santee.

Hartwell Results Hartwell Big Fish Winners Pics Hartwell Pics

Bassmaster Team Trail

For information regarding the Bassmaster Team Trail Tournaments we are putting on click the icon below.

2022 Schedule Announced

The 2022 tentative schedule has been announced.

February 12 Lake Hartwell – Broyles

March 12 Santee Cooper – Black’s

April 9 Lake Keowee – South Cove

May 14 Lake Wylie – Buster Boyd

June 11 Winyah Bay – Carroll Campbell Complex – Georgetown

October 7 - 8 Six Man Team Tournament – Santee Cooper – John C. Land

Nov 11 - 12 State Championship Tournament – TBD

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BASS Nation Series Sponsors

Incentive Programs Available To BASS Nation Members

Just wanted to make sure you all were aware of the various incentive programs that are available to your anglers. Some, like the Toyota Bonus Bucks program, even include opportunities for your state to get paid based on your anglers signing up.

BASS Nation Angler Incentives

Your Path To The Bassmaster Classic

Click here to see how you can make it to the Bassmaster Classic through the B.A.S.S. Nation.

Click here to see B.A.S.S. Nation regional map.

Co-Angler Etiquette

This is a good article that all members should read. Co-Angler Etiquette

For information on becoming a sponsor of this great organization contact State President Chris Jones at 843-333-8010 cjones206@yahoo.com or State Secretary Ed Owens at 843-995-0603 secscbassnation@gmail.com